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14th August 2022 

About Eitaro Hamano

Eitaro is a Japanese Acupuncture Practitioner working in London, with over 25 years experience in Acupuncture.

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He has worked in Toyko, Australia, The Gold Coast, and now in London.

Eitaro has trained in three systems of Japanese acupuncture - Toyhari, Skakujyu and New Yamamoto Scalp Acupuncture. Additionally, he is qualified in Yin Shiatsu and Zen Shiatsu. He is a member of the United Kingdom Toyahari Association and regularly attends training, seminars and workshops in UK,Europe and Japan.

Eitaro teaches Qigong
And he practice Aikido ( holds a Aiki Kai 3nd Dan, Black Belt ).

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"Cosmic Dance & Standing like tree Kiko "class
Eitaro teaches a weekly online Kiko class . Kiko is a traditional system of exercise from China. "Cosmic Dance & Standing like a tree Kiko" is revolutionary Qigong develped by Eitaro as a synthesis of his practice of traditional Qigong,Tai chi and Aikido. It is gentle and suitable for all ages to practice. Regular Qigong practice is good for maintaining your health and wellbeing. Eitaro has practiced qigong over 20 years.

Please contact before attending first class

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About Toyohari Acupuncture

Toyohari Acupuncture is a unique system of Japanese acupuncture, developed in Japan by blind practitioners. In Japan there is a long tradition of the blind practicing Acupuncture.

Toyohari is a gentle system of acupuncture, with painless needle insertion. There is a special emphasis on palpation, a traditional form of pulse diagnosis and abdominal diagnosis. This requires a high level of sensitivity and ability in the acupuncture practitioner.

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